13Nov, 2017

“Childhood means, Fun unlimited, Bounteous shower…Of love and care… Realm of imagination…, Joy of growing up… Happy Children’s Day!” Lucky International School, Jodhpur organized a picnic for Pre-Primary wing and Grades I & II on November 13th, 2017 to make the day special for scholars. All the scholars were excited to go for their much awaited picnic. The scholars were taken to Mandore Fun World, Jodhpur. On the way, the scholars enjoyed in their respective buses, sang songs/poems and danced energetically all along. On reaching the picnic spots the students ran out of their buses smiling with glittering eyes that were keen to know about the surprises. The scholars were accompanied by their mentors and were amused by the activities like puppet show, swings and rides. The day created beautiful memories to be cherished by them for a long time to come. The laughter and joy that was witnessed amongst the children was something beyond words.

11Nov, 2017

Lucky International School, Jodhpur has organized an Exhibition ‘Spectacles Brain’ on 11th November 2017. In this academic exhibition, projects related to various topics from subjects like Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Economics, G.K, ICT, Robotics and languages like English, Hindi and French were displayed. Students have displayed exceptional abilities in creating and displaying the working models. The exhibition was open for the parents, who in turn appreciated the efforts put up by the students and the mentors. Various projects like Law of Conservation of momentum, Newton’s Law of Motion, Robotic Football, Earth Quake Detector, the English Language corner, Galaxy Photo Booth etc. made the visitors awestruck. The school Chairman and the visitors interacted with the students and were full of appreciation for the descriptions given by the students. The Principal Mrs. Ragini Kachhawaha praised the students and the teachers for such a brilliant show.

09Nov, 2017
SPECIAL ASSEMBLY(Grade I - Cartoon Characters)

On November 9th, 2017 Lucky International School, Jodhpur organized a special assembly by Grade I on the theme “Honesty” which was based on cartoon characters describing their honesty and helping nature. The scholars did a role play of their favorite cartoon characters like Oggy, Doremon, Nobita, Chota Bheem etc. The assembly was accompanied by a saccharine group song from Jungle Book film sung by the scholars. The school Principal Mrs. Ragini Kachhawaha was overwhelmed and praised the efforts of the scholars by encouraging them to involve themselves in such enthusiastic activities.

09Nov, 2017

Getting kids into the kitchen can turn them into little chefs with easy and fun cooking projects. LUCKY INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, JODHPUR organized an activity titled as “LOAD IT UP” on November 09, 2017 for the scholars of Pre-Primary. They made butterscotch milk shake and veg. sandwich. The delights were loaded with lots of nutrients and veggies. This was a group activity where the children shared their work, understood teamwork and helped each other. They were asked questions to know more about food and there types. Toddlers loved to taste their delights, which on other hand made them jolly! The teachers made the day special by encouraging and recommended to eat healthy homemade food. This activity taught them the art of food presentation as well as etiquette of serving.

09Nov, 2017

Lucky International School, Jodhpur organized a competition themed as “Brain Quest” on November 09, 2017 for Grades I and II. It was based on computer knowledge and general knowledge. The scholars attempted the worksheet with great zeal and were into the spirit of competition which thereby enhanced their knowledge and interest in it.

01Nov, 2017

Lucky International School,Jodhpur organized a Special Assembly on November 01, 2017 in Pre-Primary wing on “Telephone Etiquette”. Nowadays our whole day revolves around the phone or social media and it is essential to learn communication etiquette. Learning proper manners for using the telephone is a very sensitive topic to learn and understand, as a life skill for progeny. By conducting this activity the scholars were explained about telephone etiquette and demonstrated about answering with courtesy on phone.

31Oct, 2017
BLACK DAY (Pre-Primary)

The color of love and smiles illuminates the air with energy, vigor! On Tuesday, 31st October 2017 Lucky International School celebrated “Black Day” in the Pre-Primary wing. Children were introduced to the splendors of black color through different objects. All the students and mentors were dressed in black attire. The tiny tots looked stunning in their black outfits. The stage was decorated with black color entities. The children showcased the personality complemented with confidence by walking on the ramp with their best attire in black color. Carrying the day forward each class was involved in various activities like hanging bats on trees, magic of black color, coloring a zebra and making the cute penguins. The day ended with the belief that “black is beautiful”. It was a scintillating day with innocent faces gleaming and reflecting brightness, joy, love and happiness.

09Oct, 2017

The management, staff and members of LIS family congratulate the proud winners of CBSE Western Zone Judo Championship. The championship was held at B.L. International Smart School, Toda Raisingh, Rajasthan from October 3rd- 8th, 2017. The schools from Rajasthan, Gujarat and Goa participated in the Championship. The little champions of LIS gave a commendable performance by bagging two Bronze medals. Krishnapal and Mahipal made LIS proud by winning the bronze medals. It was a moment of double joy for LIS since both these students belong to LIS boarding house. LIS judo team gave a tough fight to the other well known schools who claimed the title in the previous years. LIS congratulates all the members of the Judo team, our Judo Coach Mr.Devisingh Tomar and the parents for their never ending support to make LIS reach newer heights.

03Oct, 2017
D-DECORE (Pre-Primary)

From darkness to the light that empowers us to commit ourselves to good deeds, that which brings us closer to divinity; lights illuminate every corner of India during Diwali and the scent of incense sticks hang in the air, mingled with the sounds of fire-crackers, joy, togetherness and hope. Diwali is certainly the biggest and the brightest of all Hindu Festivals. Many of its symbols candles and lights, rangoli, flowers and fire work make the ideal subjects for exploration with the children through crafts. The festival of lights' came alive at Lucky International School, Jodhpur when the whole school wore a festive look with Diyas and lanterns adorning the corridors and the assembly hall in bright colors. The enthusiastic children participated with full potency in` D-Decore to decorate their class. They made lanterns, steamers, colourfull diyas, hangings etc. out of colorful papers and glitters. The preparation of the decoration items bonded each one as a family—LIS FAMILY.