The Homestead residential facilities on Campus-LIS are boarding accommodations for scholarsfrom class 3 upwards. The entire Homestead is inclusive of: WONDERLAND: The basement –recreational bay which provides children with much needed leisure facilities including an in house library and television viewing. NEVERLAND The ground floor residence for the little ones, explores the Neverland philosophy of ceasing to age, and continuing in joyful childhood. FAR-A-WAY TREE: creativity and imagination are the realms within which a child is nurtured best, the first floor homestead is peek into one’s own creative realm. EDEN: The second floor homestead offers children a much needed oasis, like the legendary Garden of yore. Muted hues, subtle tints and Nature are recurring themes at this homestead. ATLANTIS: Like the ancient city, the third floor homestead is an ideal representation of the evolving nature of children, who love innovation and drama! NARNIA: The second floor residence echoes the philosophy of magical Narnia,of ‘some journeys which take us far from home... lead us to our destiny.’

Hostel Facility