Life Skills

Personality Development/soft skills Public speaking is a crucial skill that is often over looked and underdeveloped in a child’s formative years yet it can have an impact on a child’s view as to how he/ she develops and succeeds in school. Introducing it in LIS will assure that we develop a self assured child who can effectively address their classmates or an audience and will have a positive personality. An Effective Public Speaker Uses the 5Es: Eye Contact Engage your audience Enjoy your audience Explore the options Expression At LIS we shall try to develop each child to be an effective public speaker using these 5Es SOFT SKILLS development these days has become an important aspect of personality development. Grooming of individuals happens when they learn about enhancing their abilities and the benefits are: Improvement of time management Development of leadership skills Ability to recognize stress symptoms Communicate effectively

Strategies and Skills unlock your hidden power which gives positive expectations and is the mark of the superior personality.

Foreign Language

We introduce French as a foreign language in LIS to educate global leaders for tomorrow, acquaint them the ways of the modern world and bring them at par with the others. It is yet another attempt at developing the overall personality of children. Language learning exposes children to a different set of aesthetics, cuisine, philosophies, histories and tradition. We believe that foreign language should be a core element in our education and taught as early as possible.