At LIS, the children are the soul of our foundation; the child in blue signifies the pristine innocence of youth, the quill is a traditional writing instrument which depicts the love for heritage and culture, and it is this marriage of the traditional and modern- which founds the basis of our teaching methodologies and pedagogical practices. The open book implies the journey the scholar is embarking upon, to explore oneself and the world-penning their experiences on the blank pages. The lone star in the sky is the zenith which one needs to be in pursuit of constantly-it sets the mark that the child must try to achieve, through exploration, self-discovery and student led practices. The laurel wreath is an ancient Greek insignia for the Goddess Athena- the keeper of all Wisdom. As the words of the School Anthem state -

Building on Foundations that are strong yet kind Beloved Alma Mater with care you bind, Every child is woven in your soul so fine LIS- your portals are divine!