Academic Block

When one steps into the fountain ensconced portico of the School, one cannot help but feel part of the “olde worlde” charm of marbled staircase, gushing water, fringed with the greens of the Phoenix Sylvestris. Walking up the stairs, to the left lies the Scholar Block- one is pleasantly surprised by the stark yet refreshing difference in the treatment of the interiors. A soothing contrast in muted whites and tan, punctuated with colourful flower pots, the corridors are flooded with pristine light from the panelled LED lighting, not making one miss natural light. The entire block spans three floors, excluding the mezzanine and basement floors. The first floor houses the overhanging library, which connects the Scholar and Administrative Blocks. Each classroom is equipped with air conditioning, LED light panels, boards with smart projectors and state of the art sound systems.