01Nov, 2017

Lucky International School,Jodhpur organized a Special Assembly on November 01, 2017 in Pre-Primary wing on “Telephone Etiquette”. Nowadays our whole day revolves around the phone or social media and it is essential to learn communication etiquette. Learning proper manners for using the telephone is a very sensitive topic to learn and understand, as a life skill for progeny. By conducting this activity the scholars were explained about telephone etiquette and demonstrated about answering with courtesy on phone.

26Aug, 2017

On August 26, 2017 Lucky International School, Jodhpur organized a competition titled as “Play with Clay” for classes 1st and 2nd. They made fantastic and finished structures of clay like Ganpati,and other animals with their small hands giving a touch of creativity. Viewing all our school Principal and Coordinators appreciated the efforts of our students and encouraged them to do every task with more and more dedication.

24Jul, 2017

On July 24th, 2017 Lucky International School, Jodhpur organized a competition for Visual Arts. By using alluring tactics of paper folding method students made creative articles like lamps, popper cards etc. the theme “Its Color Time” was defined by captivating painting made by our fantabulous students. All the articles were like various masterpieces. Inter class clay pottery competition comprised of miscellaneous shapes like toys, flowers etc. made with their tiny and innovative hands. The Principal Mrs.Ragini Kachhwaha was fascinated to witness such a great talent of students and praised them for their tremendous and outstanding work.

19Jul, 2017
FIELD TRIP (Pre Primary)

Lucky International School, Jodhpur organized a field trip for Pre Primary children to Barun Exim Handicraft workshop. Children were jubilant to see those exquisite toys like lion, giraffe, cars, dolls etc. This took our children into fascinating world of toy manufacturing, coloring and packaging. The children explored practically by trying their hands at coloring the unfinished toys. This trip enriched the knowledge of making various toys out of waste material. It was an excellent visit for them as they have always seen these articles on shops, now they have seen their manufacturing also.Thereby it was a visit comprising of knowledge which filled them with joy.

08Jul, 2017

Hand writing repair competition was conducted under weekly competition programme in LIS situated in Kudi, Jodhpur for classes I and II. The character of individual reflects through his writing and keeping this in mind the event was organised in which allthe students took part and mesmerized their teachers by there beautiful hand writing. Such events are organised in the school for the overall development of the student. Prior to the competition Principal Mrs.Ragini Kachhwaha gave the tips for beautiful hand writing skills to the students and motivated them towards the values of good hand writing.

06May, 2017

“Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising” to teach our students the concept and teach them the art of creating their own advertisements the school organized an Advertisement making competition for students from class VII-IX. Categories for designing the advertisements were specified and they had to launch a new product with a unique name, design and packaging and display their innovation and presentation skills.The event proved to be a great success as children came up with unique ideas like digital watches, organic powder and specialist bandages, etc. All in all it was another great learning experience for the children.

10Mar, 2017

"The celebration-marked by the overwhelming use of colours is said to commemorate the victory of good over evil." The school organised the celebration of holi on 10th march 2017.Students along with their teachers enjoyed this celebration. Our pre-primary co-ordinator delivered a speech on significance of holi to the students.The students played holi with herbal colours. All the students were looking very vibrant and colourful,thereby spreading positive aura all around the school.All the students along with the principal, teachers and staff enjoyed the celebration thoroughly.