All planning is to be inherently evolutionary in nature, and must be holistic; it is essentially an amalgamation of: • our vision to be Jodhpur’s premier educational institution . • our ability to attract and groom mentors who are the envy of their profession. • motivated learners who assist in the study of curriculum • mentor-support programs to assist in meaningful implementation All of the above are assessed against parental expectations and the achievement of the same thereof.


The challenge most schools face is atrophy in classroom teaching, after a certain period of time -it is inescapable and plagues even the best of schools. At LIS, the continual endeavor is to add to the strengths of the mentors, and give them ample opportunities of professional value addition. This significant act is a force multiplier- the ability to add to professional value throughout the term of a mentor’s working life, will most certainly ensure the growth of a learner, and as an obvious outcome- the School.


Built around the theory of constructivism, collaborative learning helps develop the learner’s multiple intelligences. The LIS classroom is essentially constructivist, and lays stress on explorative questioning based on true-life scenarios, stressing on the approach to construct knowledge based on factual inputs and experience as opposed to mere reproduction of facts from a text book. Collaborative learning ensures that a child’s innate curiosity remains alive, and is not dimmed or dulled; it is this curiosity which will lead a child to think logically,not wanting to reinvent wheels, but instead, focussing on innovative ways to construct them better!