Assessment Policy

The School furthers its philosophy of constant evolution, and with this aim in mind we are pleased to share with you the ASSESSMENT POLICY for the academic year 2017-2018. The School has chosen to adopt the Term End Assessment standards. The School year will be divided into two terms. It is statutory to appear for the Term End Assessments. SCHOLASTIC ASSESSMENT STRUCTURE: • TERM I EXAM will be from 3rd October to 13th October 2017 The marks will be divided on the following basis • Periodic Assessment        10 Marks • Note Book Submission         5 Marks • Subject Enrichment         5 Marks • Term End Exam         80 Marks TOTAL         100 Marks • TERM II EXAM will be from 5th March to 17th March 2018 The marks will be divided on the following basis • Periodic Assessment         10 Marks • Note Book Submission          5 Marks • Subject Enrichment          5 Marks • Term End Exam          80 Marks TOTAL          100 Marks • Periodic Assessment will include o Written Tests. It will be held on every Tuesday and Friday. (Please follow the school calendar) Average of the entire tests will be taken and marked out of 10. • Note Book Submission will include • Regularity • Punctuality • Neatness • Notebook upkeep • Subject Enrichment will include • Oral • Aural • Projects • Maps • Practical • Activities etc. • Term End Assessment will include • Written exam for English, Hindi, Math, EVS, Science and Social Science, Economics of 80 marks. • ICT/FIT with Theory 40 Marks and Practical 40 Marks (40+40=80 marks) • Sanskrit/French Theory 40 Marks and Oral 40 Marks (40+40=80 marks) CRITERIA FOR PROMOTION TO CLASS X • Student has to secure minimum 33% marks out of 80 marks i.e. 26/80 and 33% out of 20 marks i.e. 7/20 in each subject. • A student is eligible to appear for the examinations at class IX only, when he/she has attained at least 75% of attendance for the 1st of the month preceding the month in which the examination of the School commences. • For class IX extra tests will be held on days other than TUE and FRI . In due course of time the schedule will be provided as and when required. IMPORTANT: 1. TOTAL TWO TERMS will be held in the academic year 2017-18. 2. No RE-TEST or PRACTICAL or ORAL or TERM END EXAM will be conducted if a scholar remains absent. 3. Parents are herewith informed that Periodic Assessment will be conducted as per the School calendar. (Please check the School calendar for assessment dates) 4. If any exam is shifted from scheduled dates due to any circumstances then it will be mandatory for all to follow changed schedule as per the given instructions & no application/ excuse for any reason will be entertained for the same.(Please check Diary Notices for updates if any)