The Phoenix is associated with the Sun; it is reborn from the ashes in the light of the Sun. It symbolizes reincarnation and rebirth, faith and honor. The Phoenix human traits are innovation, regeneration and immortality.

The Pegasus is believed to be a white winged stallion, whose father was Poseidon, the Greek God of Oceans. Pegasus symbolizes creativity, its believed that he took thunder and lightning from Zeus. The Pegasus traits in humans are : swiftness, creativity and purity.

The Griffin was a mythological creature which was half lion and half eagle Griffins were believed to guard the treasure of kings. Like an eagle, a griffin is loyal and its keen eyes prevent evil. Like the lion, a griffin is swift and a master tactician. The Griffin traits in humans are : wisdom and leadership, courage and boldness.

The Unicorn is heralded as a creature which would rather lose its life than give up its freedom. It symbolizes the ability to make dreams come true through hard work. The Unicorn human traits are diligence, imagination and perseverance.