Infrastructural Colossus

Jodhpur is synonymous for its royal heritage, and the landmark monuments which adorn its desert landscape; it therefore seemed a befitting tribute to the Sun City, to have a structure steeped in the local heritage, yet one which comfortably spanned across cultures. Inspired by the opulent and majestic architectural style from the Beaux Arts, the façade is complete with rotundas which mark the skyline from the NH 112; a marriage of the Indo Gothic and European styles, the exteriors offer an insight of just how grandiose the interiors would be! The interiors are a refreshing change from the formal exteriors, they exude an air of elegance and much needed sense of coolness from the scorching heat of the Sun City! Equipped with sophisticated technological aids, the Scholar Block houses five floors which include the Co Learning Arena (spaced over the basement and mezzanine floors), the PPY, PY & Middle School and Senior School classrooms, with laboratories and libraries spread over the remainder. The 24X7 electronic surveillance includes traditional yet modern security hardware, in keeping with the need of the hour, the gates are manned round the clock by security personnel. Classrooms have CCTV cameras installed with a view to discourage any untoward incidents.