30Aug, 2017

On august 30, 2017 Lucky International School, Jodhpur organized inter house Geography Challenge Quiz Competition for classes VII, VIII and IX. It was truly an amalgamation of fun and knowledge. The quiz commenced with the welcoming address by the scholars. The quiz comprised of 6 rounds. All the rounds were very interesting and had participation of audience too. The quiz was held under the guidance of our admirable coordinators and diligent mentors which led to the flawlessness of the whole activity. These activities keep the students aware, active and updated. The quiz was concluded with Principal’s address and the declaration of the result. Griffin Team won the quiz and were encouraged with lots applauds, praised with worthy words.

30Aug, 2017

On August 30, 2017 Lucky International School, Jodhpur relished the Inauguration of the New Skating Rink in the sports complex, it was done by respected Chairman Mr. S.N Kachhawaha , school Principal Mrs. Ragini Kachhawaha and other coordinators with all rituals and Indian traditions. This was led forward by the Scholars who presented a demonstration of skating at the inaugural event.

30Aug, 2017

Yes I Know! Quiz competition was organized at LUCKY INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, JODHPUR on August 30, 2017 which provided a unique platform to students to exhibit their knowledge and intelligence; thereby wining recognition to excellence .The quiz conducted had three rounds: Audio, Video and the Buzzer round. Every round was a mixed bag with questions from English, Hindi, Math and Awareness Program. The buzzer round was the most exciting of all. The audience also got a chance to participate whenever the teams were not able to answer. This Quiz provided an excellent opportunity to our scholars, for demonstrating their knowledge in this competitive world.

26Aug, 2017

On August 26, 2017 Lucky International School, Jodhpur organized a competition titled as “Play with Clay” for classes 1st and 2nd. They made fantastic and finished structures of clay like Ganpati,and other animals with their small hands giving a touch of creativity. Viewing all our school Principal and Coordinators appreciated the efforts of our students and encouraged them to do every task with more and more dedication.

25Aug, 2017
SPECIAL ASSEMBLY (Ganesh Chaturti by grade VA)

Lord Ganesha who is always considered the lord of lords, “Vidhya ke Devta” was welcomed with great dedication and enthusiasm at LIS, Jodhpur by the entire LIS family on 25th August’2017. A student recited Ganesh Shlokas in Sanskrit and a mesmerizing performance of ballet was followed by dance and they conveyed a vital message – “PARENTS ARE OUR LIVING GOD”. Not only this, a student spoke about the role of Bal Gangadhar Tilak in initiating this day as a platform for celebration of unity and how Ganesh Chaturthi has become a festival of entire globe. After the performances a student was brought to the stage as a symbol of “LIS GANPATI” and whole school offered pooja. Overall the festival was celebrated with a great magnitude of devotion and unity. Maintaining the legacy of regarding every festival, LIS has witnessed a bundle of joy and positive energy during this special assembly conducted by class VA, which turned out to be a grand event all together.

25Aug, 2017
SPECIAL ASSEMBLY (On Ganesh Chaturti by Pre - Primary Wing)

We at Lucky International School believe that cultural values must be inculcated from the very childhood. Therefore, we see that our students are regularly learning about our culture with hands on experience. Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the most popular festivals in India and is celebrated on the birthday of Lord Ganesha. To celebrate the festival in school on August 25, 2017 a Special Assembly was organized in Pri-Primary wing. The assembly commenced with a melodious invocation, the Ganesh vandana by the junior choir. Following this, the students performed dance on Ganesh Arti which was followed up by a skit on how Lord Ganesh became superior in all by worshiping his parents. The scholars learned that one should always respect and obey their parents. The importance of the festival was delivered by narrating a story to the students by the mentors. They even enjoyed the activity of making the idol of Lord Ganesh, modaks and ladoos with clay, in CLAY MOULDING COMPETITION. It gave them opportunity to explore their creativity and imagination.This in turn helped to develop their fine motor skills. Our country truly is a beautiful blend of varied religion culture and festivals.

21Aug, 2017

On August 21, 2017 LIS organized an “Animation Group Quiz Contest” (Body Mechanics) in which Grades 7th, 8th and 9th were included. LIS is the only school who teaches Animation as a subject which gives a platform and exposure to our students. This contest focused basically upon the basics of Animation – how and where it came from? It was in the format of questions which were answered technically on computers by our students. Witnessing this technological spirit our school Principal Mrs. Ragini Kachhawaha was overwhelmed and encouraged the students for their efforts and dedication.

19Aug, 2017

On August 19, 2017 at LIS situated in Jodhpur organized a competition for Grades 3rd and 4th titled as “Mathematics Wizard”. The pattern of the competition was in a form of question paper in which there were different types of questions and brain teasers. The students were excited and took part with confidence and great hunger to complete the task which was simple and on the same side it was quit tricky. As our students learn from our brilliant faculty, they were easily able to attempt difficult questions also. Knowing this school Principal Mrs. Ragini Kachhawaha extolled the determinations of the students and encouraged them.

19Aug, 2017

On August 19, 2017 LIS, Jodhpur organized interclass visual arts competition for classes 5th and 6th. Creativity brimmed out from the creative hands of our students as they used different materials for making numerous eye-catching crafts in the guidance of our artistic and innovative mentors. Students used various colors to make the alluring view of originality and uniqueness using their brushes and hands imprinting the spirit of arts. Molding is one of the most important techniques in our visual creations. Our students made fabulous clay craft with molding techniques and finishing with the shapes of animals and birds. Observing this our school Principal Mrs. Ragini kachhawaha praised the efforts of the students and encouraged them.