19Jul, 2017
FIELD TRIP (Pre Primary)

Lucky International School, Jodhpur organized a field trip for Pre Primary children to Barun Exim Handicraft workshop. Children were jubilant to see those exquisite toys like lion, giraffe, cars, dolls etc. This took our children into fascinating world of toy manufacturing, coloring and packaging. The children explored practically by trying their hands at coloring the unfinished toys. This trip enriched the knowledge of making various toys out of waste material. It was an excellent visit for them as they have always seen these articles on shops, now they have seen their manufacturing also.Thereby it was a visit comprising of knowledge which filled them with joy.

18Jul, 2017

An inter class Photography Competition was organized titled as "Shutterbugs" in Lucky International School, Jodhpur students of class V and VI took part in this competition. The students were divided among groups and were asked to click photographs with their respective topics. Under the guidance of our photography mentor Mr. Abhishek Purohit who trained them towards perfection by which Principal Mrs.Ragini Kachhwaha was pleased to see the talent of the students. She encouraged and motivated them for overall development of their persona along with academics.

15Jul, 2017

Lucky International School, Jodhpur organized a Poem Recitation Competition for classes I and II. The main subject was the “Beauty of Seasons”. The students gave words to their thoughts on winter, summer, autumn and rain. Listening to them on such subjects fluently, mesmerized the listeners and which ultimately gave confidence to the students. Principal Mrs.Ragini Kachhawaha appreciated the initiative of students and motivated them. The winners were awarded with certificates.

08Jul, 2017

Hand writing repair competition was conducted under weekly competition programme in LIS situated in Kudi, Jodhpur for classes I and II. The character of individual reflects through his writing and keeping this in mind the event was organised in which allthe students took part and mesmerized their teachers by there beautiful hand writing. Such events are organised in the school for the overall development of the student. Prior to the competition Principal Mrs.Ragini Kachhwaha gave the tips for beautiful hand writing skills to the students and motivated them towards the values of good hand writing.

07Jul, 2017

The cluster manager Mr. Umar Farukh Khan and bank manager Mr. Sanay Nahata of yes bank honoured the meritorious students of Lucky International School situated in Kudi, Jodhpur and handed over the medals and certificates. Shubhangi Pandey class I, Nikhil kachhwaha class II, Samarth Choudhary class III, Vipul kachhwaha class IV, Nakshtra Didel and Sarita Bishnoi class V , Radhika Geloth class VI, Mahi Choudhary class VII, Abhishek Bishnoi and Aryan Choudhary class VIII were the few of the honoured ones.Principal Mrs. Ragini Kachhwaha thanked Yes Bank for the appreciation and Mr.Sanay Nahata from yes bank motivated the students.

12May, 2017

MOTHERS DAY is the day when people celebrate to honor their mothers and the feeling of motherhood, the maternal bonds, and the great influence of mothers in the world. So Lucky International School, Jodhpur celebrated this auspicious day for Pre-Primary children and their mothers. This day made our small kids aware about the duties of a mom and gave them a chance to express their love and gratitude, which made mother’s shed tears of affection and made them jubilant.

11May, 2017

Every single day, the media reports such cases where young children, both boys and girls, are sexually abused by an adult around them. The problem is that they do not even know what is happening.It is still a sensitive topic for parents to talk to their children, so most of them do not want to go there. The same could go for schools but breaking this thought LUCKY INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, JODHPUR took an initiative to organize a seminar for students giving them knowledge about this sensitive topic by professionals of Psychology Department from JNVU TEPSEN HAPSEN CENTRE, JODHPUR. This seminar included interaction with students, storytelling and other activities. All over it was learning with fun!

06May, 2017

“Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising” to teach our students the concept and teach them the art of creating their own advertisements the school organized an Advertisement making competition for students from class VII-IX. Categories for designing the advertisements were specified and they had to launch a new product with a unique name, design and packaging and display their innovation and presentation skills.The event proved to be a great success as children came up with unique ideas like digital watches, organic powder and specialist bandages, etc. All in all it was another great learning experience for the children.

05May, 2017

Children see the world through a special lens. There is a purity to their imagination that at some point most adults lose. If you have ever given a camera in the hands of a child you will soon discover that what they see in life is very different than the adult perspective. Kids will be kids, and they won’t always get things the way you hope they would. The most important thing you can do as you teach is to encourage their creativity. Don’t point out all the things that are wrong. Point out one thing that they can improve upon, and encourage all the things you see them doing well with their photos. Keeping this in mind Lucky International School organized a Photography Competition in school the premises. The School Principal also appreciated the work and dedication of students.