04Jun, 2018

The LIS Summer Camp was closed with a pompous ceremony on the final day today on 3rd June, 2018. The show was filled with displays and demonstrations from the various fields of physical and co-curricular performances. The programme was chaired by the Chairman of Lucky Shikshan Sanshthan – Shri S N Kachhwaha and the Principal of the LIS – Mrs Ragini Kachhwaha. The show started with a very stunning skill demonstrations by the summer camp participants from sports like cricket, basketball, volleyball, athletics, skating, badminton, judo, gymnastics, chess, etc. the audience enjoyed the specific skills that were demonstrated by the children at the camp. The aim of the camp was not just to engage them in a sport generally but by engaging them in the basic skills that are more important at the initial levels. The hidden talents of the participants have been sprouted in those children with the help of the mentors. The next phase of the programme was an indoor demonstration of the skills in performing arts luike instruments, percussions, vocal and drama. The children were also taught the basics skills of speech delivery. The programme was declared closed by the Chairman of the institution and a speech by the principal.

07Mar, 2018

The English language is the accretion and growth of every dialect, race, and range of time and is both the free and compacted composition of all. As English is the most commonly spoken language in the world and people all over the world decide to study it as a second or first language, we at LIS emphasize more on English language as it opens the casement to the world. Future Odist, English poem recitation competition, conducted on 7th March, 2018 was planned to indulge and encourage the speaking skills and confidence in the tiny tots. Reciting the learnt poems in this competition has definitely strengthened their steps towards ownership over the language.

28Feb, 2018

Holi is the festival of colours. With its arrival, every heart starts feeling colourfully as they celebrate the day with pomp and festivity. Like every community, at the Lucky International School at Kudi Bhagtasani, Holi was organized. There was a function at the end of the day for all the students and teachers to celebrate the day with each other with colour and happiness.

26Feb, 2018

For many children, practising the ability to recognize sounds in words can make a big difference in how fast they learn to read. Phonics is a way of teaching children to read skillfully. Lucky International School Pre-primary wing organized “Phonic Master” competition on 26th Feb, 2018. The little scholars were judged for their efficiency in recognition of sounds that each individual letter makes, identifying the sounds that different combinations of letters make and ability to blend those sounds together, from left to right to make a word and a sentence further. An overwhelming performance by the toddling scholars proved that they can start reading with the easiest sounds and progress through to the most complex. They can then go on to read any kind of text fluently, confidently and comprehensively, and enjoy the art of reading.

22Feb, 2018

Actors in any capacity, artist of any stripe, are inspired by their curiosity, by their desire to explore all quarters of life. In acting, a person must take on the person and character of the role they are playing. The well-known figures inspire the world in their own way, with their own deed. Each one teaches some personality traits and is the source of inspiration. Thus role-playing is one of the most important tools of learning, especially at the pre-primary level. The event – THE ACTOR WITHIN on 22nd February, 2018 – was a step towards introducing the inspiring personalities to our tiny tots. The little scholars of future enjoyed the event enormously as it gave them an opportunity to dress up into the characters, know about them, and learn a personality trait from them.

14Feb, 2018

“Kiddies spread their moods in shades of blue” The Pre-Primary section of Lucky International School celebrated Blue Day on 14th February, 2018, a pleasant, cool blue day for the tiny tots. The significance of the colour blue was reiterated through a series of activities. Excitement and enthusiasm was visible with the children dressed up in different shades and hues of blue. The students recognized blue colour in different objects and art activities. The toddlers of pre-nursery made a blue wand using pencil and blue ribbons. The Nursery children touched the sky with cotton clouds swinging with blue ribbon rain. The K.G children showered love for their parents with blue bubbles and wrote a loving quote. The Prep class warmly welcomed the summer by making sparkling clay Bluebells. Blue – the colour of loyalty, strength, wisdom and trust – has a very positive impact on tiny tots bringing in harmony and brotherhood.

31Jan, 2018

Yoga is the art work of awareness on the canvas of body, mind, and soul. so, with this perspective of exposing students to the benefits of yoga, The 'Yogi' - an Intra-Class yoga competition was organized on January 31, 2018 at LIS Pre-Primary wing. Children participated wholeheartedly in the competition and performed yoga asanas like Sukhasana, Gyanmudrasan, Konasan, Shshakasana , Chkrasana etc. keeping the guidelines in mind. The final judgment was made by Dr. Shakti Singh Rawlot . The judgment was based on correct posture of yogasana, degree of flexibility and balance. The scholars achieved 1st position class wise were Pre- Nursery --Heenal Kanwar, Nursery --Rudrakshi Sharma, KG --Veronica Choudhary, Prep --Sanaya Garg. The performance was appreciated by one and all.

30Jan, 2018

Lucky International School conducted International General knowledge Olympiad (IGKO) on September 2017 International English Olympiad (IEO) on October 24,2017. Students of classes I-IX enthusiastically participated to exhibit their logical and linguistic intelligences. The school toppers were awarded medals and certificates by the school Principal Ms. Ragini Kachhawaha On 30.1.2017. The students honored with Gold medals for (IGKO) are Bheru Singh class – 1, Nikhil Kachhwaha class – 3, Shubham Singh Solanki class – 4, Vipul Kachhwaha class – 5, Nakshatra Didel class – 6 and Lucky Jangid class – 9. Students honored with silver medal are Manish Jajra class – 5 and Abhishek class -6. Students honored with Bronze medals are Ronik Mewara class – 5 and Ravi Khilery class – 6. School toppers for (IEO) honored with Gold medals are Lakshya Raj Singh class – 1, Nikhil Kachhawaha class – 3, Vania Mantri class – 4, Vipul Kachhwaha class – 5, Naman Kachhwaha class – 6, Navya Vaishnav class – 7 and Gurangad Singh Khanagura class – 9. The Principal appreciated their efforts and wished them success for their future.

26Jan, 2018

The 69th Republic Day has been celebrated at the Lucky International School with due respect to the Nation and patriotism. Our honourable Chairman, Shri S N Kachhwaha and our beloved Principal, Mrs Ragini Kachhwaha shared their thoughts on the day. The children sang patriotic songs, and delivered speech on the occasion. It was ended with sweet distribution among the LIS family.