Physical Education

Sports have been of prime importance, which instill spirit of discipline and team work. At LIS our playground is designed in such a way that children’s play can come to full expression where they can run, jump, hide-n-be-sought or just explore their physical fitness. A well maintained dual swimming pool, basket ball court, athletic track, skating ring and volleyball court all contribute to the complete outdoor play arena. Expert coaches will train them; as a result, no sooner they will excel in all games. Participation in all games will initially be made compulsory for children so they know about the different games and then gradually they will be trained to excel and compete in games of their choice. Outdoor games will help in: Making new friends Improving blood circulation Reducing obesity Increasing co-ordination and physical stamina Enhances emotional well being

Sports do not build character. They reveal it


“Yoga is a light, which once lit, will never dim. The better your practices, the brighter the flame” Yoga helps children to see the beauty of light within themselves, thereby boosting their self confidence and physical levels. The method comprises various yoga postures or ‘asanas’ that aim to keep the body healthy. The mental techniques include breathing exercise of ‘Pranayama’ and meditation or ‘dhyana’ to discipline mind under the supervision of a yoga expert. Some benefits of yoga have been enlisted below: Strengthens the immune system Balances and co ordinates body awareness Assists neuromuscular development Relieves mental as well as physical tension and stress Increases muscle strength and endurance

Martial Art

“Martial art is not about fighting, it’s about building character” Kids should do martial arts in this day and age to get active and moving. One of the many challenges that parents face today is that of children becoming couch potatoes and this interesting art can certainly bring the children out of their couch domains. Martial art is mandatory to be included in the curriculum of any educational institution as it provides agility and swiftness in children as well as being a self defense technique. At LIS under the guidance of a qualified ‘Sensei’, children will learn self defense, personal safety, discipline determining opponents’ weakness, use of force against opponents, developing skills of sensing danger. Learning shito-ryu, curriculum of different attacks using geri(kicks), zuki(punches), uke(blocks), daches(stances) will be the techniques incorporated in martial arts classes. Why should children practice Martial Arts? To gain self confidence and self respect For self control and good decision making Body balance and posture enhancement Co-ordination and motor skill management Improving memorization and retention Techniques students will learn in their Martial Art training: Striking with head (atamauchee) Real sacrifice technique (Ma-satemi-waza) Side sacrifice technique (satemi-waza) Grappling technique (Katame-no-waza) Pining techniques (osackomi-waza) Joint locking techniques (kansetsu-waza)


“The water is your friend – you don’t have to fight with water, just share the same spirit as the water and it will help you move” Mastering swimming at a young age will be an easy task for the children if they keep this in mind. It is not easy and safe to swim without proper training. At LIS training starts for young aged children under the able guidance of an NIS coached swimming expert. They will learn to be comfortable and then go ahead to get trained in different age appropriate swimming skills like breast stroke, freestyle stroke, butterfly stroke and backstroke. Training session will also include breathing exercises. Swimming classes are aimed not only to help in recreational activities but also as a safety measure for would be swimmers. Swimming will help flexibility, strength and weight management and detoxification.


“Gymnastics teaches everything – life lessons, responsibility, discipline and respect” Gymnastics is “hand – eye co ordination, timing and balance” Gymnastic exercises are the most comprehensive life style exercises for any child, regular participation in gymnastics can teach children how to live a healthy life. Besides regular physical activities gymnastics has been introduced as an indoor activity. Gymnastics give opportunity to learn about social skills like listening following directions, taking turns and respecting others. A trained gymnast will be training students to balance on the beam, bars and rings and teach various rhythmic aerobic and artistic skills. Benefits Flexibility, endurance and co-ordination are enhanced Staying fit and healthy becomes a way of life Incorporating strength becomes vital Determination, courage and self confidence are improved upon Improved cognitive abilities Outdoor Games “Set your goals high, and don’t stop till you get there” Do we need to enlighten you about the importance of Outdoor games? Guess not! It is very much known to all of us how vital it is to include outdoor games in the daily routine of a child to keep him/her healthy and fit. Basketball: This interesting game will be taught in a court which is readied on the lines prescribed by the Sports Authority of India. Our Basketball trainer is a certified coach from the National Institute of Sports, Patiala. Volleyball: For this game too, we shall have the players trained by the NIS accredited coach and on a court specifically designed for the same. We would like to mention that the players of outdoor games will develop self confidence and self discipline and have a team player’s attitude cultivated in them. These sports students shall also be able to enhance their concentration under the able guidance of coaches. We also look forward to turning our students to better individuals who will learn to respect their fellow beings and be socially better developed too.

Indoor Games

Indoor games provide a safe playing environment. Indoor games include board games like chess, carrom etc. which are educational in nature and some other games like Table Tennis, Billiards etc. Our Indoor games arena is specially designed and its ambience will help the children enjoy more. Indoor games for kids are fun and help develop strategy skills, mental skills, intellectual skills and help them socialize. Table Tennis and Billiards help to achieve focus and co-ordination amongst the players. Home science: Home science is the science of managing a home. Modern times are seeing children depending on their parents or their family members for their day-to-day work. Taking this in to consideration and with an aim to make children self dependent, at LIS home science has been introduced as an activity. Home science opens up a large arena of possible job opportunities. It alsos covers a few area of specialization such as food and nutrition, human development, fabric and apparel science.