01Sep, 2018

General Knowledge Quiz At LIS scholars are exposed to acquire knowledge by quiz competition being organized from time to time .“Mind Benders”General Knowledge Quiz Competition helped to build their leadership and interpersonal skills. Quiz master conducted the quiz in a very interactive way. The teams participated with great enthusiasm. They skillfully answered the question asked, though some questions were tricky but they tried to answer them with confidence. The question put forth to the team were intriguing, exciting and made the audience go Aah!

31Aug, 2018

The LIS Pre-Primary wing celebrated Janmashtami with all passion and zeal on AUGUST 31, 2018 during the special assembly. Students of different classes donned the roles of Lord Sri Krishna and Gopika amongst many other characters related to Janmashtami. They won the soul of spectators by dressing in the attire of Krishna, Gopika and other various characters. The event comprised of a skit depicting Lord Krishna’s birth story and Solo Dances by Eklavyaa Rathore and Yuvraj Bishnoi which showed the devotion to Krishna and Natkat Lila of Bal Gopala. The Matki Phod pranks of Lord Krishna marked the event with more fun and frolic. It also made awareness about Indian tradition, custom and culture. It conveyed the strong message “Love and Care.” The event concluded with the message of the Principal. She reminded the students about Lord Krishna’s devotion and the doctrine of Dharma.

30Aug, 2018

FRIENDLY MATCH 30Aug 2018 Skills that are picked up during physical education and sports have a big impact on the holistic growth on children. Friendly matches help them to learn important values of team work, fair play and respect for each other. Match awaited matches were scheduled for Basketball, Volleyball and Handball between LIS v/s LBN. It was a treat to watch these matches for the audience. These matches have definitely made them learn how to cope with competition.

24Aug, 2018

LIS PRE-PRIMARY RAKHI CELEBRATION The tiny tots of LIS celebrated Rakshabandhan two days early on Friday. In the wake of floods in Kerela, the young ones of LIS reached out to the distressed brothers and sisters, by offering fervent prayers for the hapless victims of this disaster, particularly those who lost their dear ones, suffered injuries and are left with nothing. They tied a paper constructed JUMBO RAKHI to GOD and prayed for the well-being of flood victims. Post this to mark the usual fervor and gaiety that one associates with this auspicious occasion the girls tied rakhi on wrist of their brothers, as LIS is lucky to have siblings in among the Pre-Primers. Few students willingly got the chance to choose their brothers. This time, the true value of the internal moral bonding of love and support was gratified through prayers and celebration

15Aug, 2018

LIS takes pride in celebrating the 72nd Independence Day in the school campus. Patriotic waves were following around past so many days as every child wanted to show his love for his country and prove “MERA BHARAT MAHAN”. On 15th August as the sun rays up and made the day bright and sunny, scholars from class Pre primary to class 10th showed enthusiasm which made the campus alive. Colors of sacrifice, purity and prosperity entered the campus of LIS. It was a proud moment when the Tri- color Flag was unfurled by the guest of honor Mr. S.N. Kachhwaha followed by the National Anthem. Celebration started with young budding Tiny Tots performing dance on ‘Vande Mataram’ followed by the school choir singing “CHODO KAL KI BATAIN”. Little scholar’s performance ‘Aerobic Display and Salute to Martyrs’ mesmerized the audience. The Quiz Competition based on India’s Freedom Struggle for classes III to X reiterated our respect and salute for those noble hearts who sacrificed their lives for the mother land. The competition itself was a stand-alone programme which was very much different from the traditional Independence Day celebration. The Programme ended with a motivating speech by the guest of honor.

03Aug, 2018

A friend who brings out the best in me: MY TEACHER As International Friendship day falling round the corner We celebrated it with new parameters this time. Stepping further, to reach the goal of teachers being the key person for the student and in order to create awareness and encourage them to instill the sense of friendship in every relationship , today we celebrated friendship day by Playing the basic good old days games like seven stones, chain, stapoo, etc . These games not only brought students closer to the teachers but also took them out of the digital world. These plays gave a new dimension to the teacher –student friendship, one such relationship where the highest level of trust and affinity exits. The most comfortable zone, where students can feel a sense of being in the shade of love.

03Aug, 2018

“Reading is to the mind, as exercise is to the body”. The more you read the more things you know. On 3rd August 2018 the “INTRA CLASS AVID READER COMPETITION “for grades 1 and 2 was organized. Each and every child took part in this competition and showed their reading skills by reading a paragraph on the stage. Nevertheless, reading is a trend that is slowly diminishing as other media which seem more attractive are taking its place. More and more people prefer to watch TV or surf on the Internet instead of reading. Though mainly reading is the best way to make your brain work. When you read a book you entirely immerse into it: you try to conjure how the characters look like, how you would behave if you were in the shoes of this or that character – your brain doesn’t stop working. The competition was aimed at promoting the habit of reading among the students and improving the reading skills of the students. The Principal, Mrs. Ragini Kachhwaha appreciated the effort and encouraged the children to inculcate the habit of reading, which would develop their confidence.

04Jun, 2018

The LIS Summer Camp was closed with a pompous ceremony on the final day today on 3rd June, 2018. The show was filled with displays and demonstrations from the various fields of physical and co-curricular performances. The programme was chaired by the Chairman of Lucky Shikshan Sanshthan – Shri S N Kachhwaha and the Principal of the LIS – Mrs Ragini Kachhwaha. The show started with a very stunning skill demonstrations by the summer camp participants from sports like cricket, basketball, volleyball, athletics, skating, badminton, judo, gymnastics, chess, etc. the audience enjoyed the specific skills that were demonstrated by the children at the camp. The aim of the camp was not just to engage them in a sport generally but by engaging them in the basic skills that are more important at the initial levels. The hidden talents of the participants have been sprouted in those children with the help of the mentors. The next phase of the programme was an indoor demonstration of the skills in performing arts luike instruments, percussions, vocal and drama. The children were also taught the basics skills of speech delivery. The programme was declared closed by the Chairman of the institution and a speech by the principal.

07Mar, 2018

The English language is the accretion and growth of every dialect, race, and range of time and is both the free and compacted composition of all. As English is the most commonly spoken language in the world and people all over the world decide to study it as a second or first language, we at LIS emphasize more on English language as it opens the casement to the world. Future Odist, English poem recitation competition, conducted on 7th March, 2018 was planned to indulge and encourage the speaking skills and confidence in the tiny tots. Reciting the learnt poems in this competition has definitely strengthened their steps towards ownership over the language.