23Dec, 2017

On 23rd December, 2017 LIS celebrated Christmas in the school premises. All the students were full of joy and happiness. On this occasion LIS organized ‘sports showdown’ in which students took part in different sports and gave their best performance. The sports showdown comprised of different events like 400 m race, 100 m race, etc. After the sports showdown the scholars experienced the festival of Christmas by listening the life story of Jesus Christ and singing the carols of joy and happiness. While the carols were sung, “Santa Clause” visited the scholars. The school experienced the essence of Christmas cake which was amazing. Our school Chairman, Principal and Santa Clause together cut the cake. All the scholars had their piece of Christmas cake and enjoyed the festival. The celebration ended with prize distribution of sports showdown and the gift distribution for Christmas and happy New Year. All the scholars were jaunty by celebrating this day so special.

13Dec, 2017

To celebrate and appreciate our relationship with the animals who share our planet and the ways in which they enrich our lives, LIS Pre-Primary section celebrated Animal Day on December 13th, 2017. The highlight of the day was the competition themed as “I Love Animal” where the students spoke few lines on their favorite animal. It was amazing to see them dressed up in printed t-shirts, animal mask and costumes. Children were very excited. Mentors delivered the importance of animals in our daily life. Toddlers sang poems on animals. To mark a difference, during the day, animal’s sounds, including a bleating lamb, mooing cow and chirping crickets, motioned the students when to change classes instead of the regular school bells. We celebrated this day with the involvement of students and teachers to sensitize children towards the need to preserve our nature and to show love towards animals. The program ended with a speech by the Principal Mrs. Ragini Kachhwaha. She spoke on the beauty of the earth where in man, nature and the animals live in peace and harmony. She emphasized the need to respect, preserve and love the nature.

09Dec, 2017

On December 09, 2017 LIS organized a debate competition for the scholars of Grades V-VI. The scholars were given a theme to speak for and against the motion. Topics were: Grade V “Should every house have a robot”, Grade VI “Should cricket be declared the national game of India”. It was a great session as all the students were involved in the discussion and interacted with each other. The session concluded with rebutting which was amazing part of the competition as the audience could witness the presence of mind, crispiness, keenness in the scholars of LIS. The teams got the chance to express their views against their opponents. Audience appreciated the confidence and intelligence of the debaters which was again a stupendous attempt, joining applauds school Principal Mrs. Ragini Kachhawaha kudos the scholars and the mentors for preparing them.

09Dec, 2017

On December 09th, 2017 LIS organized a Math Quiz titled as “Quick Click” for Grades VII – IX. The quiz consisted of 5 rounds ie, warm up round, look & tell, passing the buck, ring the bell & rapid fire round in which students answered with concentration & accuracy. LIS strongly believes that giving a chance can make the student confident enough to express his/her views, which ultimately leads to growth and development of the scholar. This was a successful inter house activity.

08Dec, 2017

On December 08th, 2017 LIS organized a Team Games display for Grades I-IV. The display took place with the opening of the sports like – Badminton, Table-Tennis, Chess, Skating, Gymnastics and Judo. Scholars were tested on the basis of their skill according to the sport they represented. Team games are one of those competitions which show one’s bonding, mingling and caring for others. LIS is pledged to have brilliant mentors and our school Principal was glad to see the display in which scholars took part enthusiastically.

08Dec, 2017

On December 08th, 2017 LIS organized a competition titled as Hasgulla - Hasya Kavita Pratiyogita. The scholars recited the poems like Bandar ke shaadi, Chakkar, Aaj kya bnaya, Chuhe raja bane captain, Maza he kuch aur hai, Macchar, Moturam halwai etc. with confidence and creating humor with appropriate expressions. The audience cracked into the peals of laughter. All the parents were jaunty witnessing their ward performing flawlessly.

06Dec, 2017

Even a small child can begin to learn to care for the needs of another living being. Whether helping to empty a cup of dry kibble into the rabbit's bowl, or filling the Budgerigar's water bottle, it is never too early to start teaching kids proper animal care. Of course, elders must monitor all pet care that the child carries. LIS organized a special assembly on December 06th, 2017 for Pre- Primary section on the topic Pet Care. Furry, feathered, or finned friends offer kids much more than companionship. They help children to develop lifetime character traits like responsibility, compassion, empathy, accountability, resourcefulness and the ability to love unconditionally. It is important to teach children to care for the pet responsibly. Children should learn what their pet needs for health and happiness. They should understand the care and affection their pet requires. Pallavi Rajpurohit of Grade prep and Mrs.Payal (mentor) shared their love bond with their pets.

04Dec, 2017

In the present era, every individual is in the grip of ‘rat race’ fever! All of us wants to be better than the other and we are all affected by the contagious disease called ‘Competition’. As a result, most of us have made a ‘havoc’ out of our performances in academics. Yet, the old saying will always hold true ‘All work and no play will make Jack a dull boy’. On 4th December’17, students of class V demonstrated this through a skit on the occasion of special assembly with the theme ‘Significance of Sports’ Physical exercises and outdoor games improve physical as well as mental health; thus increasing one’s concentration power and focus towards studies. These nano garnets of Lucky International School have fantastically conveyed this significant message ‘Say Yes to Sports to be a fantastic academic performer!!

29Nov, 2017

Lucky International School, Jodhpur organized an Intra-Class Solo Dance competition titled as FOOT LOOSE, for the Pre- Primary wing on November 29th, 2017. Children participated in this event with great zeal and enthusiasm. Their performance got enhanced as toddlers used appropriate props which accompanied their performances. Audience was mesmerized by their entertaining and stupendous performances. Principal Mrs. Ragini Kachhwaha boosted their confidence and was jaunty to see toddlers performing so well with their tiny feet tapping on beats. The winners were awarded with badges and certificates. After all, creativity is powerful, but only if it is shared with others. Dream up your own moves for your own beats was the essential message passed by the toddlers.