28Apr, 2017

Museums offer a dynamic opportunity to expose children to experience and explore new things in a rich and educational environment. Through the interactive exhibits and hands on play, children have the ability to take ownership of their own learning and develop and explore their own curiosities. We at LIS strongly believe that life long learning begins at a young age and museums are a great place to spark an interest in history, art and science.Viewing this we planned a visit to UMAID BHAWAN PALACE providing unique exposure towards the foundation for creativity, critical thinking and connecting to the world around them.It was a visit of Pre-Primary children on Thursday, April 27 to one of the oldest museum of Rajasthan’s Blue City Jodhpur the students were excited and keen to know about their history and heritage.It was interesting yet a knowledgeable day.

27Apr, 2017

Lucky International School,Jodhpur had an intra-school debate-drama competition on with an aim to make the students aware about the importance of clean environment. Students took a pledge to save water and keep the environment clean. They also understood the importance of the environmental balance. Parents saw their children and appreciated their efforts and also thanked school team for spreading the knowledge to children.

22Apr, 2017
Earth Day

“WE HAVE NOT INHERITED OUR WORLD FROM OUR FOREFATHERS, BUT BORROWED IT FROM THE FUTURE GENERATION.” LUCKY INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, JODHPUR celebrated the Earth Day on April 22nd, 2017 in school premises. So it's the perfect time to start thinking about the planet we live on - and how to save it. “The environment is where we all meet; where all have a mutual interest; it is the one thing all of us share.” Every year, more than one billion people across the world mark the event by showing support for environmental protection .Festivals, rallies and outdoor events are held in nearly 200 countries. Our students also celebrated this day. An Intra Class Coloring Competition (I - II Class) and Intra Class Earth Day themed Quiz Competition (III - VI Class).

21Apr, 2017
Green day

Plant a Tree, plant a new life…Take care of trees because they take care of you.. LUCKY INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL,JODHPUR celebrated the Green Day on April 21st, 2017. Teachers and students were all dressed up in green. Prep students recited poems ,KG students did painting with their fingers and Nursery students colored various work sheets with green shade; they celebrated this day with great zeal and enthusiasm. All students planted plants and learnt about the importance of trees and healthy food.

13Apr, 2017

LUCKY INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, JODHPUR celebrated the day Baisakhi which is also known as Vaisakhi ,it is one of the most important festivals in Sikhism. It is usually celebrated on April 13 or April 14 every year. This year it is being celebrated on April 13, 2017. Baisakhi marks the Sikh New Year and commemorates the formation of the Khalsa panth by Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth and last Guru of Sikhs. The Khalsa panth of warriors was created by Guru Gobind Singh in 1699. Baisakhi is also a spring harvest festival for Sikhs. It has the same essence and significance of marking the Solar New Year and the sacredness of the rivers. Our school celebrated this day by organizing a special assembly by class 6 A with their respective class teacher, students spoke about this festival and its significance followed by a dance performance. Pre- primary children also celebrated this day and enjoyed a lot.

08Apr, 2017
Paper craft(origami) and Story writing competiton

A fun filled activity witnessed an enthusiastic participation of all the students in “ORIGAMI “ a paper craft competition held on April 08, 2017 for grade 1st to 4th. Each of the items that was prepared by the children was a treat to the eyes. A fantastic collection of easy, unique and artistic paper crafts were made by the children and appreciated by one and all. Stories matter. They matter a lot. They can make us laugh and cry. They can educate us, persuade us and entertain us. They can bring us together and create shared experiences, like scattered pieces of cloth stitched together to craft a beautiful quilts. ‘Budding Artist’ a story writing contest was organized in LPS, on 08 April , 2017 in which students of grade 5th to 9th participated.. This story writing competition for children to encourage budding writers and storytellers.

23Mar, 2017
Thrilling Trip

The school had organised an exciting educational trip for classes IV to VIII after the final examination on 16 march 2017.It was a seven day trip which started from Jodhpur and covered three cities namely New-Delhi,Shimla and Chandigarh.Students got good outdoor exposure. Students were thrilled throughout the journey and had an entertaining,informative trip allover which ended on 23rd march 2017 with lots of memories.

10Mar, 2017

"The celebration-marked by the overwhelming use of colours is said to commemorate the victory of good over evil." The school organised the celebration of holi on 10th march 2017.Students along with their teachers enjoyed this celebration. Our pre-primary co-ordinator delivered a speech on significance of holi to the students.The students played holi with herbal colours. All the students were looking very vibrant and colourful,thereby spreading positive aura all around the school.All the students along with the principal, teachers and staff enjoyed the celebration thoroughly.