23Mar, 2017
Thrilling Trip

The school had organised an exciting educational trip for classes IV to VIII after the final examination on 16 march 2017.It was a seven day trip which started from Jodhpur and covered three cities namely New-Delhi,Shimla and Chandigarh.Students got good outdoor exposure. Students were thrilled throughout the journey and had an entertaining,informative trip allover which ended on 23rd march 2017 with lots of memories.

10Mar, 2017

"The celebration-marked by the overwhelming use of colours is said to commemorate the victory of good over evil." The school organised the celebration of holi on 10th march 2017.Students along with their teachers enjoyed this celebration. Our pre-primary co-ordinator delivered a speech on significance of holi to the students.The students played holi with herbal colours. All the students were looking very vibrant and colourful,thereby spreading positive aura all around the school.All the students along with the principal, teachers and staff enjoyed the celebration thoroughly.